Morning Checklist

TABLE the constant reminders in the morning with this great idea!

By Christine LaGrosse of Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh LLC August 17, 2012

This is a creative way to help your kids remember their To Do list each morning!


*Scrapbooking or other decorative paper


*Glue Stick

*Poster Board

*Markers or crayons

*Clear Con- Tact paper or you can have it laminated

*Dry Erase marker

*Adhesive backed velcro dot


1. Cut 3 6 by 12 pieces of paper that are either decorative or that your kids have decorated. You will need to choose 2 that can be easily seen when you write over them.

2. Label one side as "Do at Home" and the other as "Take to School". Write each item that you and your child come up with that needs to be accomplished every morning. Leave some blank spaces for things that are for special occasions or that come up last minute. If your child isn't old enough to read, clip art is a great way to find pictures to use on your place mat!

3. Cover your place mat with clear Con-Tact paper or take it to an office supply location that offers large lamination services.

4. Affix a dry erase marker to the top with a piece of velcro so your child can easily mark everything that has been completed!