Love Notes

These Will Make Your Child Smile

By Heather Stitt, (Canonsburg-McMurray, Washington MK) August 23, 2012
We prepare our children to be excited for school so that they will (hopefully) have a love of school. We take them shopping for new clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, folders, and more. They are excited to meet their teacher and see friends.

I don't know about you, but I waited nervously all day to hear how it went. It may be harder on the parent waiting at home than on the kids themselves! I made my little girl some notes to let her know that I am always thinking of her. She was surprised to find them in her lunch box, and scattered in different pockets of her backpack. It was one of the first things she talked about when she got home. She asked me if I'd always do it and I said absolutely (at least as long as she wants me to)!

This doesn't have to be for just the first day of school, but anytime you think your child could use an extra smile.