Stepping Stones - A Nature Based Preschool

By Sponsored Advertising Content December 1, 2016
As the old saying goes; there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. At Stepping Stones, we take this to heart! When it rains, we splash in the puddles. When it snows, we shovel snow and climb up snow mountains.  In the summer, we take shade under the tree and read our favorite stories. Stepping Stones is a nature based preschool, connecting young children to the magic of nature in a developmentally appropriate, play-based environment. We are committed to #outdoorplayeveryday and #letthembelittle. Through daily outdoor play our children are building resilience, creativity, early STEM skills, and the social skills needed to prepare them for the world of Kindergarten.


As a preschool teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching in public and private schools, Victoria Hilton, the owner of Stepping Stones, became frustrated with the search for a high quality, play based daycare for her own child and so Stepping Stones Nursery School opened its doors to the children and families of Logan Square. Four years later, we are ready to open our brand new, thoughtfully designed preschool classroom, just minutes from our home location.

In 2015, we were awarded the ‘Innovative Entrepreneur’ award from the Women’s Business Development Center for our Nature Explore Certified Outdoor Classroom. Our outdoor classroom is a source of great joy and exploration. Our children helped with both the design and installation of a nature inspired learning space. We designed our outdoor classroom to provoke children's imaginations, curiosity, sense of wonder, and to help them connect with nature on a daily basis. It includes a trike path, climbing hill, chalk board, painting easel, butterfly garden, building area, dig pit and so much more!


We believe the physical environment shapes how a child learns. At Stepping Stones, we take great care in creating both indoor and outdoor classrooms that guide children to become inquisitive, productive, and independent learners. Our indoor classrooms are bright and well organized, allowing freedom of choice and movement. In a well-organized environment, children gain a sense of autonomy and mastery of their surroundings. Through intentional and responsive teaching, we hope to guide your child towards self-regulation, independence, and the tools they will need for future learning. We provide a child-centered, play based curriculum and a caring, sensitively organized environment to encourage your child to fulfill their full potential at their own pace.

We are now accepting applications for preschoolers aged 3-5 years. Email today to arrange a tour and learn more about Stepping Stones’ unique approach to early childhood education.

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