Lose the Lice with Lycelle

By Sara Youngblood-Ochoa, Macaroni Kid Chicago Midtown May 20, 2017

"Your child has lice." Those words strike fear into every parent's heart. Thankfully those words have not been said to me...yet. But I know it could happen at any time and I want to be ready!

Thank goodness for a new product called Lycelle. Available at Walgreens, Lycelle is pesticide-free and works in just 10 minutes! And it's available over-the-counter. No phone calls to the doctor and waiting for a prescription to be written; just head to Walgreens and you're set.

A friend of mine recently ended up with lice thanks to her 2 kids (who also had it).The 3 of them spent an entire day at one of those specialty lice removal salons and spent upwards of $800! I don't know about you, but something I can buy at Walgreens and have done in 10 minutes sounds waaaaayyyyy better!

And because I don't want to make a harried Walgreens run when and if we get that lice message, I've already stocked up. Just like we have Tylenol in case of a fever and allergy meds in case of a snotty nose, I've now added Lycelle to my medicine cabinet...just in case!

Lycelle conducted research through a third-party vendor and the following testimonials were obtained through this research process. Of the research participants, 93% would recommend Lycelle to a family member or friend.

  • “Effective, pesticide free so I’m more confident that it’s safe for my children and very easy to apply."

  • “I would rave about what a wonderful job it did on my daughter’s hair after everything else had failed. It was easy to use and very effective.”

  • “Don’t use anything else ever again other than Lycelle. It works fast. 1 treatment and not harmful.”

  • “This product worked great and it’s natural unlike the other ones on the market.”

  • “Lycelle really works. It’s a true ‘one & done’ type product with great results.”

  • “It was easy to use, did not burn my daughter’s scalp, a great metal comb was provided with the shampoo, and her hair did not smell like it had just been treated for lice. It is pesticide-free.”

Learn more about Lycelle on their website and on Facebook. Be sure to download the $5 coupon from their website and #LosetheLice!

Disclosure: I was compensated and provided a sample of this product for the purpose of writing this article. As always, all opinions are my own.