Mac Kid Review: Slammers Organic Snacks

June 23, 2017

My Mac Kid is a snack-aholic. If I let him, he'd never sit down to a real meal; he'd just snack the day away. Because he loves to snack, I really strive to find healthy snacks so I can feel good about what he's putting in his body. Of course, my idea of a snack and his idea of a snack are often very different.

Enter Slammers AWESOME and AMPED! These organic snacks are packed with healthy fruits and veggies and come in a pouch so they're perfect for snacking on the go!

Okay, but how do they taste? Well, like they name says, they are AWESOME! AWESOME is full of bananas, blueberries, strawberries, beets, acai, amaranth (a highly nutritious gluten-free grain) and contains no refined sugars, added colors or artificial flavorings. AMPED is a delicious blend of organic strawberries, organic sweet cherries, chia, apple and purple carrots; packing a whopping 500 mg of omega-3 with no added sugar or artificial flavorings.

I was sent both Slammers AWESOME and AMPED and took them to an event at my Mac Kid's school. The food at this event included fruit, donuts, a veggie tray, cupcakes - the usual mix of healthy and really NOT healthy. At first, I was worried that my Slammers wouldn't stand a chance against the donuts, but I was happily mistaken. All of the kiddos gobbled them up and many asked for seconds and thirds to take home for later! I have to say it again - AWESOME!

I love that there is no junk in these snacks. My Mac Kid loves how yummy they are. And we both love that they are portable. They will be a constant in his backpack as he goes to camp and playdates this summer, in my purse as we head to the park and in our carry-ons when we head off on vacation.

Finally, a snack we can agree on!

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Disclosure: I was sent Slammers and compensation to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own.