How to Dramatically Increase Your Child’s Academic & Life Skills

Emerald City Theatre’s Summer Camps

By Sara Yaniga, Macaroni Kid Chicago (Midtown) April 27, 2020

Growing up in my town you could not graduate high school without passing a Speech class.  For so many of my friends, this was a course known as an “easy A” and they got it over with their Freshman year.  To me, it was a panic-inducing point of stress, something I put off until the final semester of my Senior year and to this day the idea of formally speaking in front of a group gives me the sweats.  This is one of the experiences I call upon when trying to navigate this whole “parenting” game. 

What skills do I want my children to have? 

What experiences will help shape them into well-rounded kids?  

What will set them up for success in school and beyond?

I would love for them to move through life with confidence and curiosity.  I want them to be imaginative in their approach to solving problems and I want them to be able to speak with passion and without fear about a topic in front of people.  When researching different camps for my 2nd grader I keep pausing on the idea of a drama camp through Chicago’s largest theatre arts program, the Emerald City Theatre.  I have to be reminded that drama classes are not just singing, dancing and playing pretend and that ECT educators have developed programming that supports a child’s academic success and social development.

By learning and delivering lines from a script, or song, kids are expanding their literacy and communication skills.  They are given the chance to learn voice control, movement and expression which all go beyond the stage and into public speaking and presentation skills, which will be called upon well into adulthood.  Teamwork and how to creatively solve a problem is at the very forefront of bringing a production to the stage.

Emerald City Theatre camps will develop these skills, and so much more, for Chicago’s kids!  Each two-week session is devoted to a different production like The Wizard of Oz, Princess and Knight Bootcamp, Peter Pan, Best of Broadway (and many more!) and culminates with a performance on the final day of camp.    

Whether you have a child who was born for center-stage or one that could use a little boost in their communication skills or confidence - Emerald City Theatre’s summer camp programs could be the answer!  For more information please see our Summer Camp Guide or contact Emerald City Theatre at 773.529.2690