ZeroWater Equals Zero Worries


By Sara Yanga, Macaroni Kid Chicago August 10, 2019

I have always been concerned about the water coming out of my faucets - well, maybe not always, but even as a very young child I knew from my parents that not all tap water is created equally and just because the water appears to be crystal clear that doesn’t mean that it is contaminant free. My parents both grew up in Eastern Kentucky, a beautiful area, but one with a rocky history of tap water quality.  My father was also diagnosed with unexplained chronic kidney failure in 1978 and environmental factors, like contaminants found in water, were always considered as a possible cause.

So I have been on a quest for the cleanest water possible and in 40 years I have lived in 5 cities, in 4 different states and each faucet has delivered very different versions of tap water into my cup.  We have gone through stages of buying bottled water, a personal water cooler dispenser and somewhere between Georgia and South Florida we settled on a filtered water pitcher.  The pitcher was great as far as convenience for our lifestyle, but we just had to assume it was working the way it was advertised.

I recently received a new water pitcher from the company ZeroWater which claims to remove virtually all Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your tap water - and I couldn’t wait to set it up and see how it compared to our existing pitcher, or even just our regular tap water (which I do drink often unfiltered).  ZeroWater’s information states that they are the only filter to be:

  • Certified by the NSF to Reduce both Lead and Chromium 
  • Able to remove 99% of the dissolved solids and deliver the purest water possible

Maybe I was inspired by the fact that August is Water Quality Month, or maybe it was just natural curiosity, but I started reading and learning about Total Dissolved Solids, how they get in our water and how Chicago’s water compared to the recommended levels.  Then I decided to test them at home using the Water Quality Meter which was included with the new pitcher.

Here is a summary of my own test at home:

Water Source

Water Quality Meter Reading

Tap Water


Bottled Water


Original Filter Pitcher


ZeroWater 10cup Pitcher  


*500 is the amount of TDS the EPA recommends as safe for drinking water

First of all, based on the EPA recommended score it was nice to see that all of my water options included in my home experiment were lower than 500ppm, but I was surprised about how many were in bottled water!  

What makes the ZeroWater filter system so far superior to other filter systems is that their filters put the water through a 5 stage ion filter versus the usual 2 stage carbon filter.  The result is a cup of water you can drink with confidence!

I loved having the opportunity to try out the 10 Cup Pitcher from ZeroWater and was delighted to discover that they offer a variety of filter-ready pitchers, including a water bottle and also mini ion filters which can be used in a standard Brita pitcher (which means our house can now have TWO pitchers providing us with the purest of water)!

If you are interested in providing your family with the purest water filtered with ZeroWater ion filters then check out their selection online today and be sure to enter their giveaway for a chance to win an amazing prize pack!


* I received a complimentary pitcher from ZeroWater for the purposes of completing  The opinions expressed are entirely my own.