A Savings Tool You Will 'Flipp' Over!

By Sara Yaniga, Macaroni Kid Chicago (Midtown) November 18, 2019

I am not a coupon clipper, but I do appreciate a good deal on groceries to home goods (and everything in between!)  I am just not great at doing the prep work to make sure I am getting the best price possible.  When I was a kid, our family relied on the Sunday newspaper, full of circulars and ads, to plan our shopping, but I haven't seen a Sunday paper in years.  Going from website to website can be daunting and take twice as long when you have kids, work and life distracting you along the way.  

And that was just for the regular weekly shopping errands!  We have now entered one of the busiest, and most expensive, seasons of the year - those holiday meals, parties, and gifts can add up, and let's not forget that magical shopping day, "Black Friday"!

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then let me introduce you to a new app called Flipp.  Flipp is a FREE app, available on Google Play and the App Store, which makes planning so simple for you.  It brings the local circulars, coupons, and deals right to the palm of your hand - which not only saves you time but also money!  A few taps and clicks from you and your favorite stores are saved and a shopping list can be built - which pulls all related ads right into the list for you and makes them reviewable with a simple tap of the item!  It also knows when you are near stores and will notify you of local deals.  I love that feature when I have to make an impromptu stop so I can be sure I am not missing out on any savings.

So, if you are one of the 58% of Americans who are planning on taking advantage of Black Friday deals, Flipp is also for you. This essential tool pulls all of the advertised deals so you can begin planning your purchases now, instead of the night before when you should be having another serving of pumpkin pie with Nana!

Check out how easy it is to search for the items on your wish list, find the best deals and save them to your Flipp app:

Want to give Flipp a try for yourself?  Just download the FREE app here and start saving yourself time and money!

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