COVID19 Time Capsule Printable

Created by LONG Creations, Natalie Long

By Macaroni Kid Chicago April 6, 2020

To say that we are all in the midst of a "first" with the COVID19 pandemic (ugh, I really dislike that word, even if it is the reality) may be an understatement.  How we all manage to navigate these days will vary greatly from person to person and our kids are no exception.  Their lives are different now, and while some may seem to take this all in stride and be happy with a new "home" school environment, there is a chance that inside they may have a lot of questions and concerns.  

This is definitely geared toward our elementary-aged children, but with parent participation, it can be adapted to include the whole family, from preschoolers to teens.

I am so thankful to graphic designer Natalie Long for allowing me to share her time capsule printables with you. We have found it helpful for opening up discussions with our oldest, who is definitely more tuned-in to the changes in our lives right now.  The complete packet is a total of eleven pages, all saved HERE for your to access. You should be able to save or print it out for your personal use from here.

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Please note that this is a FREE resource available for all.  I am sharing here with the permission of LONG Creations and this is not a paid sponsorship or advertisement of any kind.  If you use and share this please give Natalie and LONG Creations a tag so she knows how much you appreciate her work.