It's Time to Brush Up on the Three R's!

Rest. Relax. Recharge at Hotel Zachary

By Sara Yaniga, Macaroni Kid Chicago (Midtown) November 18, 2020

THIS YEAR HAS BEEN _____________!

How would you complete the sentence above? Stressful.  Long.  Exhausting.  Too much.  Previously I would have said, "This year has been okay", mostly because I have a tendency to just grin and bear it, or fake it 'til I make it, thinking this is what the kids and my loved ones need.  Mom and Dad are okay, so we are okay.

But that wouldn't have been completely honest.  Personally, 2020 has had its moments of struggle.  Being away from home when COVID-19 became a reality. Unable to visit my mom in her final days before ending her battle with Alzheimers. Returning home to Chicago to watch peaceful protest turn to violence and destruction right out our window. Learning how to navigate our new "normal" with a changing landscape of COVID restrictions.

The situation was stressful and we were doing the best we could with two adults and two kids in a small apartment in the city, and we did okay, but not without effort.  The actual maneuvering around so the kids and I could go about our business without interrupting my husband's work, or making a guest appearance on a zoom meeting, wasn't the issue.  We like to be on the go anyways and with great weather and a couple of scooters we explored as much as we could during the day.  The real problem was that all of the thought and orchestration, added to the normal effort into being a parent/spouse/friend/employee, was just wearing us down. 

In a nutshell, we were tired and needed a nap.  We needed quiet.  We needed minimal responsibilities.  

We needed to brush up on our Three R's: 


We needed a change of pace and a change of scenery.  Someplace that wasn't being pushed to the limits as a home, school and office.  Someplace that was easy to get to (yup, that no car lifestyle has it's limitations at times) and gave us a new perspective in a literal and figurative sense.  Someplace easy and comfortable.  We found that in Chicago's own Hotel Zachary in the heart of Wrigleyville.

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We were invited to the hotel for a stay this October and my husband's birthday was the perfect reason to pack a bag and get away from it all without leaving Chicago.  The staff was excellent and when they learned we were going to be celebrating a special occasion they went above and beyond to make it just a little more special with cupcakes from West Town Bakery & Tap and goody bags for the kids and our dog!  Hotel Zachary even helped the kids and I sneak in a little early to add some special birthday decorations, like a balloon garland from WE Events Chicago and our family's birthday banner that has been used for every birthday for the last 9 years.  The kids were beyond excited.

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Some may be asking what we possibly did in a hotel during COVID-19, but the beautiful thing about Hotel Zachary is that our room was a picture perfect spot for a cocktail or two, or to snuggle up with Wrigley Field in the background and read a book that didn't contain more pictures than words.  It is also an ideal location for a walk around a neighborhood that isn't our own.  We went down different streets and got to really see what makes the area special without crowds of Cubs fans filling the area.  I would do it all over again, but instead stay multiple nights.  A longer stay, while being so close to home, would have even allowed us to have a combination of time together, but also a respite from the maneuvering of four bodies around our home/office/school - perhaps even some solo time to rest. relax. recharge.

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Considering a stay-cation at Hotel Zachary?  Keep these points in mind as you select your room!

  • Rooms vary in size from a single queen bed to a king suite, which can sleep 4 easily with room to spare.
  • Fido is welcome to join you!  For a fee you can have up to 2 dogs per room, so your four-legged family member doesn't need to miss out on the fun. You may even be greeted at check-in by a four-legged staff member.
  • Currently the The Bar at Hotel Zachary is closed, but West Town Bakery & Tap is available for breakfast and a number of restaurants are available right outside the front door with options for take-out, delivery or outdoor dining. 
  • Parking is available at Hotel Zachary, but it is also very convenient to the CTA Red Line and of course any ride share service is an option.  

Hotel Zachary Chicago, a Tribute Portfolio hotel, was inspired by famed Chicagoan architect Zachary Taylor Davis.  We have Davis to thank for Wrigley Field which sits across the street and creates a stunning background for guests.  The hotel blends the past and present seamlessly to deliver a comfortable home away from home and offers surprising details from the main entrance, to the lobby and each guest room.