Kidpreneurs Are Diving in to the Guppy Tank!

A New Grant and Mentorship Program for Kids

By Sara Yaniga, Macaroni KID Chicago September 9, 2021

I can't recall when I first connected with Jessie Williams, Lead Event Planner of WE Events Chicago, but I do remember what it was that drew me to her.  First it is her passion for community - in every event planned and art, or balloon installation created there is a connection made to a local non-profit that supports the people of Chicago.  Jessie believes that it is rewarding, and often fun, to give back to others and never hesitates to do so.  The second thing that I saw in her was her belief in kids and her understanding that encouraging and supporting them to do good in the world will help them develop empathy and a great sense of purpose.  

Personally, of the activities that our family has done with our kids, the ones that stick with them the most were the ones where a human element was there - stuffing backpacks with books and supplies for kids, creating care kits for the homeless, donating food to a local food bank, volunteering at the animal shelter or even participating in a walk/run to raise money for a local charity.  These are the events that our kids remember and are proud to share and talk about with others. 

So what does this all mean for someone like Jessie?  

It means she is putting some of her creative energy to her newest project - Guppy Tank!  See, what Jessie realized quickly was that there are kids all over creating businesses that help support their communities.  From lemonade stands to child authors or confetti makers - there are young people with great ideas and a purpose behind their product and with a little support from Guppy Tank they can work toward their goals.

What is Guppy Tank?

Guppy Tank is a grant and mentorship program benefiting kid businesses (7 years - 17 years) that donate a portion of their proceeds to charitable organizations. 

Each quarter one recipient will receive a financial grant of $350 to go towards your business and mentorship from the Guppy Tank Network, a dream team of small business leaders. This is a way for the "kidpreneurs" to learn and grow from experienced adults while also alleviating some of the financial burden off of the adults in their lives.

Also as part of the program selected applicants will be featured throughout our social media channels. 

Why Guppy Tank?

We believe that KIDS can make a big difference in this world. We want to help our emerging business leaders of tomorrow grow.

How Can My Child Apply?

Click HERE to access the Guppy Tank application and don't forget to include a 1 minute video telling about your business!  Applications are due no later than December 20, 2021 at 11:59 PM CST.

Know of a school or teacher who would be interested in this project?  

Click here for a flyer you can download and share and be sure to follow the Guppy Tank Blog for more from the mentors and kids!