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By Sara Yaniga September 12, 2021

Galileo's Chicagoland camps engaged kids in the perfect mix of hands-on learning and unforgettable fun.

Camps were thoughtfully redesigned for 2021. Small groups and safety protocols kept every Galilean safe. Engaging art, science and outdoor challenges delivered the innovation-igniting experiences kids love. Flexible enrollment policies made planning stress free. It all came together for a joyful summer.  If you would like to keep the learning and fun going through Fall, check out Galileo's Innovator's Club.

Galileo’s new offering, Innovator’s Club, is the perfect solution for bringing joy and creative inspiration to kids! Starting September 13, 2021 and available online nationwide, Innovator’s Club delivers the hands-on imagination-sparking learning kids love on a weekly online schedule for Kindergarten to Fifth graders with a convenient subscription. In a consistent group led by an enthusiastic instructor, kids find something new to craft, construct or invent every week—igniting their curiosity and building lasting creative confidence along the way. Innovator’s Club supports an easy transition back to the school year by making learning relevant and fun and by building on the skills your child is learning in the classroom. 

To that end, Pamela Briskman, Vice President of Education at Galileo Learning, offers practical advice for ways parents can help to quell back to school nerves and set their children up for success at the start of this school year, especially around the excitement of learning. 

  1. Set goals. Envisioning something you want and having the determination to achieve it is an important skill that helps build confidence and inspires learning. Tracking progress towards goals also boosts motivation. So start the school year off by helping kids set goals they care about and then guide them to break their goals down into actionable steps. If they want to master their multiplication tables or read the whole Harry Potter series, ask them what they’ll need to do each day or week to start off on the right track. Then celebrate incremental progress to keep their spirits up and motivation strong. 
  2. Create routines. Routines create a sense of safety that promotes focus, organization and productivity. Plus, routines can keep momentum going if and when things don’t go as planned. Start every school day with a thoughtful and fun morning routine that fits your family—5 minutes of stretching, a morning playlist, sharing gratitude etc. Also, make a point to regularly connect about school by having your child share something interesting they learned each day or by looking closely at one piece of schoolwork from the week. Your presence in your child's academic life is crucial to their commitment and success.

  3. Try new things. Trying new things leads to learning. And while stepping outside of one’s comfort zone can feel scary, the more kids do it, the more confident they’ll feel and the more they’ll ultimately achieve at school and in life! Help children understand that it’s okay if they’re not good at something the first time they try it. In fact, becoming good at something usually involves making mistakes, getting help and working hard—even for the best athletes or entertainers. If your child gets frustrated, use the words “not yet” to reframe their efforts.  It’s not that they can’t play the clarinet or interpret poetry, they just can’t do it yet. Embracing this shift in thinking (and noticing how they get a little  better each time they try) can change their whole mindset toward learning.

  4. Build/strengthen connections. Having a sense of belonging can deeply impact kids’ feelings about school and their ability to learn, retain and apply knowledge and skills. Positive relationships with friends and teachers are critical to school engagement and success. After the isolation of the pandemic, kids may be out of practice engaging with others and making new friends so create opportunities for social interactions outside of school. Keep it simple to start—a quick meet up at a park or an invitation for a snack can go a long way to break the ice. Then follow up, in person or online, to strengthen bonds around common interests.

Galileo’s Innovator’s Club, with its engaging online format and unique educational approach, is designed to touch on all four of the elements above. Weekly meetings can be a highlight of your child’s after school routine where they’ll set goals and try new things with a stable cohort of peers—keeping  the fun of summer going all year long and rekindling their love of learning.

For more information about the Innovator’s Club and more practical back to school tips, please visit: Monthly subscriptions start at $264. Sign up by September 13 to take advantage of 30 percent off a monthly subscription!