Stuff Your Stockings at Target this Season

Holiday Treats for Everyone!

By Sara Yaniga, Macaroni KID Chicago December 9, 2021

This year is flying by and it is hard to believe that the holiday season is just around the corner!  Our family is so excited because we actually will get to celebrate the holidays with the grandparents, but despite my own excitement and my attempts at creating a list to avoid missing any steps in order to prepare, I seem to have missed something very important. 

 It wasn't until someone asked:

"Do you think Nana & Dauber will remember to bring their stockings for Christmas morning treats?"

that I realized my oversight.

It was an easy question to answer. 

Yes, there was no doubt that Nana would remember to bring their stockings. Nana handmade each of our stockings and has not forgotten them once in all the years of celebrating Christmas at various locations. The real problem was that I had forgotten all about stockings. Not just the ones that would be traveling from Florida to Illinois ... but even our own stockings. 

I needed a strategy to stuff our stockings with treats, and I needed it fairly quickly. Luckily the solution was just a short trip away!

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Target was the obvious solution to solve my Stocking Stuffer Dilemma!  The next day we headed out to our favorite Target location in Lincoln Park. When we got to the store we headed straight to the Christmas aisles to start searching for the perfect treats for everyone's stocking. In the end we picked up the cutest SOUR PATCH KIDS Soft & Chewy Holiday Candy, Candy Cane Shaped Tubes; some TOBLERONE Naughty and Nice Chocolate, TRIDENT Spearmint Gum; and a couple of boxes of SWEDISH FISH Soft & Chewy Candy.  Just when we thought we were done we noticed the cutest packages of SOUR PATCH KIDS Ornament Holiday Soft & Chewy Candy ... and in the cart it went!  We all walked out feeling like it was a very successful outing. 

Target is the perfect place to get just the right treats for stocking stuffers this year!  Whether you go in person or use the app to order in advance, you can find a great variety to suit everyone's preferences. If you don't personally celebrate with stockings then I encourage you to still swing by to pick up some candy anyway.  These treats are great gifts to give your neighbors, teachers, mail carrier, etc. Or you can take your Holiday Movie Night up a notch with a tasty treat tray!