Papa: Flexible Companionship, With Heart

'We all need a pal sometimes. That's why Papa is here.'

By Brigette Schroeder, publisher of Macaroni KID Yorkville - Geneva - St. Charles, Ill. March 8, 2023

My father-in-law died two years ago. The time since has been exceptionally difficult for my mother-in-law. She has had several health issues on and off over the years and was very dependent on my father-in-law to help with everything from running the household to driving. 

She lives more than a day's drive from my husband's brother and us, so we are unable to assist her on a regular basis. It has been quite challenging finding the help she needs for things like grocery shopping, getting to and from doctor's appointments, and household chores like laundry.

The author applied for and obtained a job with Papa to facilitate the writing of this review. The author received compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own.

To say the guilt and stress have been quite daunting is an understatement.

But then I found out about Papa.

Papa is a company that connects what they call "Papa Pals" to people in need of help with everything from everyday tasks like laundry to rides to appointments. Papa Pals also offer companionship to those who need it. It's a service that is even covered by many Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and commercial insurance and benefit plans. 

Papa was exactly what we needed for my mother-in-law.

Papa allowed us to set up help from afar and arrange visits to my mother-in-law. With a Papa Pal's help, she was able to get back and forth from the bank and grocery store and finish a few simple tasks around the house. 

Her Papa Pals also were just a friendly ear at times.

This much-needed service made us all feel less helpless in a difficult situation.

Helping others in need

I appreciated the service offered by my mother-in-law's Papa Pals so much that I decided to become a Papa Pal myself!

Being a Papa Pal has provided me with a way to give back when I am able, and also earn some extra income.
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It feels good to be able to offer a little extra help or companionship to someone in need and great joy to know I am maybe helping a family, just like ours, who isn't able to be there for their loved one because of distance or time constraints. 

All I have to do is check out Papa's website or app to see what Papa Members in my area are needing assistance, and then set up a visit.

Although Papa typically helps older adults, it also is available to help others with disabilities, such as someone who is unable to drive or function easily in a grocery store. A Papa Member may also be someone that is recovering from an illness or surgery and needs a little help to keep their life running smoothly until they are able to do things for themselves again. 

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Want to give this rewarding job a try?

I've enjoyed my work as a Papa Pal so much and found the service so valuable for my mother-in-law that I've started sharing my experience and encourage others with some hours to spare to give Papa a try! It's such a great way to give back while also earning some extra money.

With bonuses, many Papa Pals can earn $17 to $20 an hour, plus mileage reimbursement for providing car rides. 

Plus, you only work the hours you want to work.

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Want to give this rewarding job a try?

The process of becoming a Papa Pal is quite easy. No health care experience is required. 

The job requirements are:

  •  Age 21 or above 
  • U.S. work authorization 
  • Valid form of ID (driver's license, state ID, or passport) 
  • Available to work immediately 
  • Caring, patient, and reliable personality 
  • Valid driver's license and proof of insurance (only if you want to do transportation visits) 
  • Clean and dependable vehicle (only if you want to do transportation visits) 
  • Must be able to pass a background check 

To apply to become a Papa Pal or find out more information about becoming a Papa Member visit!

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People need people. Be a pal. That's the human way - connected. 

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