Turn Those Whimsical and Mismatched Socks into a Conversation Starter!

Rock Your Socks on March 21 for World Down Syndrome Day

By Sara Yaniga, Macaroni KID Chicago February 8, 2024

Parents - one of the quirkiest conundrums we face in the realm of laundry: "The Mysterious Case of Mismatched Socks".  As a mom, I've lost count of the times I've folded laundry only to find a lonely sock without its partner as if it decided to embark on a solo adventure right in the middle of the spin cycle!

But fear not, there is a simple and whimsical way to let those socks shine and start meaningful conversations too! Gather your mismatched pairs, spread the word, and let's shine a spotlight on the beauty of differences, one funky sock at a time!

Rock Your (Mismatched) Socks!

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day and you can rock those mismatched socks to start a conversation about how to end stereotypes and raise awareness about Down syndrome in your community.  Since 2012 the Down syndrome community has been recognizing this day to speak up and create a global voice to advocate for the rights, inclusion, and well-being of those with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities.

Ask your family, friends, school, or scout troop to participate with you! The more people who participate the more conversations that can be started and more information shared!  You can visit and access a resource kit to help you bring awareness together.  

Why March 21st?

March 21 (or 3/21) holds significance because an individual with Down Syndrome has three (3) copies of their twenty-first (21) chromosome.

Other ways you can help raise awareness are by:

  • Visiting the World Down Syndrome Day website and educating yourself
  • Print and hang posters from the resource kit around your communities (be sure to ask permission first if putting in a school, library, or local business) 
  • Create and color your own posters!
  • Design and color your own socks to cut and hang up  - you can even punch holes in the top and make a bunting or banner to hang together with your friends
  • Host a Rock Your Socks party or playdate which welcomes EVERYONE!  Inclusivity is important. You could even make it a fundraiser and donate to DSi or a local organization that supports families and individuals with Down Syndrome.
  • Ask a local landmark to "Light Up" with blue & yellow on March 21 to raise awareness for World Down Syndrome Day.  There is even a letter template you can use if you need help
  • Share your efforts (with a parent's approval & help) on social media! You can use #LotsofSocks and #EndtheStereotypes

For World Down Syndrome Day 2024, we call for people around the world to End The Stereotypes.

  • Stereotypes stop us from being treated as individuals.
  • Stereotypes lead to people with Down syndrome getting treated like children, they are underestimated and excluded. Sometimes they are treated very badly or even abused.
  • Each person with Down syndrome is different. Just like everyone else! It is important to get to know the individual.
  • People with Down syndrome are people. Treat them like people!

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